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  • I was not previously aware of Xclusive, and initially engaged on the recommendation of a old colleague, who gave Dave and the Xclusive team a fulsome recommendation. Being a product of the Logistics and supply chain industry himself, supported by a quality team, he clearly understands the sector and is extremely well connected.

    Our business was looking to strengthen our companies’ sales and marketing function to support ambitious growth plans. We are predominantly a UK Specialist transport provider, so our needs are perhaps a bit more niche compared to traditional Transport and Logistics companies. After a couple of conversations with Xclusive (Dave) it was clear he absolutely “got” our business and the sort of people we are looking for.  

    After a period of research, he was able to put forward a range of extremely credible quality candidates who had the requisite skills and experience as well as the right characteristics to gel with the existing team. It actually made it very difficult to choose between the candidates.
    We were initially looking for a Sales and Marketing Director and we found an exceptional hire for that role.

    In addition,  whilst we were going through that process we decided that to push our business on at a pace, we needed to recruit a good quality Marketing professional to the team. Dave now knowing our business well, was able to quickly identify a small number of quality candidates and we were able to hire a formidable candidate who has exponentially improved and radically transformed our marketing and lead generation activity in a relatively short period of time.

    Xclusive were attentive and supportive throughout the process without being pushy, and acted with integrity and professionalism at every stage.

    We started with a project on a single hire and ended up finding two brilliant candidates, who are both now in the business delivering real value. I would have no hesitation in using their services again in the future or recommending them to other businesses.

    Managing Director - Specialist Transport company

  • We have used Xclusive recruitment for several senior placements and have found Xclusive to be exceptional throughout all of our dealings with them.

    It is clear that the team take great care in understanding our requirements to ensure accurate screening and selection of suitable candidates. Every candidate put forward has been carefully selected with our specific business needs in mind.  David and his team are very talented at capturing the key essentials of our particular requirements. As a result of this thorough approach we are presented with candidates not only of a high calibre, but individuals that were extremely well suited to the roles we have listed with Xclusive.  

    We have no hesitation in recommending Xclusive as a very professional recruitment consultancy and confidently expect to continue using them for any further senior management posts going forwards.

    Managing Director - Pallet Network

  • I have worked with Xclusive successfully for some time and we appointed them to fill a pivotal Board position role utilising their excellent Elite service.
    We gave them a detailed overview of the type of person we were looking for together with the expected output from the successful candidate.
    Xclusive pro-actively contacted and met all the potential “top performers” in the sector so we were assured we had considered all the best options prior to the interview process starting.
    We reviewed all the potential candidates and selected a small number of high calibre candidates for interview that fitted our criteria.
    Every candidate put forward had been carefully selected with our specific business needs in mind. We were presented with a diverse however relevant talent pool to review and were successful in securing our first-choice candidate.
    We worked to an agreed time plan that ensured the process was efficient and timely.
    Xclusive Recruitment has earned its place as our chosen recruitment partner by consistently demonstrating an understanding of our needs. This understanding shows a total commitment to providing a service that really exceeds market expectations.
    Xclusive has always demonstrated a unique insight into the Logistics industry which it uses to provide some intelligent and highly valued input into our overall strategy.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Xclusive were referred to us by our investors and was therefore the first time we have used them as well as this being our first senior hire within the business.
    David and the Xclusive team took great care in understanding the requirements we expected of suitable candidates, not just from what we expected to see on CV’s but were also very thorough in understanding the type of character we were looking for in this role.
    We were keen to find a candidate that reflected and understood the 'start-up’ culture we’ve worked hard to maintain as we’ve grown and they understood those requirements well.
    Behind the scenes they busied themselves proactively seeking suitable candidates and brought us in as decision makers having done an extensive screening process.
    We were presented with a diverse however relevant talent pool to review and were successful in securing our first choice candidate.
    We were therefore very happy with the whole process from preparation, process and indeed post placement and will certainly be using them again as we continue to grow.

    Managing Director - Quality Logistics Company

  • I would like to formally thank you for the hard work you and your team have put into assisting us with finding a great New team member. I will ensure that you are sent a copy of the official offer letter over the next few days.

    Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again as our business expands.

    Carl W - Commercial Director

  • Xclusive invested the time to meet our Directors to develop a good understanding of the key attributes required in our new Finance Director.
    The response time on providing quality candidates to our vacancy has been timely and efficient, it is also apparent that these candidates were well vetted to closely match our requirement and maximise the interviewing effectiveness for us.

    The Xclusive team are very professional and discreet. They take the time to meet and understand their candidates and ensure the potential match for both parties. We worked to an agreed time plan that ensured the process was efficient and timely. Xclusive provided quality candidates with a range of experience and backgrounds.

    The team are informative, professional and genuinely nice people, something you cannot always say about the recruitment sector! With a detailed and up to date knowledge of the market, they use this knowledge to offer only the most suitable candidates.

    We are very pleased with the outcome of the process and will work with Xclusive again when we have a requirement in the future.

    Managing Director - Award-winning logistics company.

  • I've always found xclusive a pleasure to do business with. They are professional, informative and genuinely nice people, something you can't always say about the recruitment sector. They have a detailed and up to date knowledge of the market and use this knowledge to offer only the best and most suitable candidates. I would recommend their services to anyone.

    Operations Director

  • "Jackie and the Xclusive team have given my career the right steer by helping me find the role I was looking for in 2014.
    Today, as a hiring manager, they continue to offer me outstanding support in finding the best candidates to suit our team needs and reach our business targets. I am pleased to recommend them as both a candidate and now a client"

    Amanda Garcia - Supply Chain Manager -Enotria & Coe

  • We engaged Xclusive after deciding to re-engineer our business. We had a range of key positions at senior level that would require filling some of which were in specialist areas.

    They took time to fully understand our requirements for each vacancy and also developed a good understanding of our business values and culture. For each vacancy a cohort of high quality candidates were recommended by Xclusive the quality of which was evidenced by the fact that some who did not achieve success for their first job application were asked back for other roles and were successful. I would recommend Xclusive Recruitment whole heartedly and look forward to doing further business with them in the future.

    Managing Director

  • Xclusive invested the time to meet our Directors to develop an understanding of our business and its culture.
    They worked closely with our business to understand our development programme and our future plans. A great deal of foundation work took place before we were presented with a short list of potential senior team members.

    The response times on providing quality candidates to our vacancies has been timely and efficient, it is also apparent that these candidates are well vetted to closely match our requirement and maximise the interviewing effectiveness of our managers. Since we have worked together with them they have delivered a number of high quality senior placements, which have turned out to be excellent employees.

    Xclusive Recruitment are very responsive and timely to our needs and worked closely with us in a partnership approach. They have a genuine wish to supply us with quality career minded employees.

    Managing Director - Logistics

  • We have been using Xclusive Recruitment for the past three years, in that time we have taken on a number of quality candidates that have flourished within our organisation.

    The Xclusive team have taken a great deal of time to understand both my requirements and the requirements of my industry and have used this information to match their best suited candidates. We find Xclusive's consultative approach a refreshing change to some other agencies where their eagerness to push whichever candidate they have on their books at you wastes your time and the candidates time.

    The Xclusive team are very professional and discreet. They take the time to meet and understand their candidates and ensure the potential match for both parties. They live up to their "Recruitment with Integrity" strapline in all aspects of their business. Xclusive get repeat business because they match the best candidates!

    We look to find the "best of the best" for our team and Xclusive have helped us achieve this and their candidate's results speak for themselves.

    I have recommended Xclusive's services to colleagues in other functions and across the Royal Mail Group, all of whom have had a positive experience.

    Xclusive work with us in all aspects of Sales, as well as General Management and other Operational aspects of our business.

    We look forward to continuing to develop our relationship in the coming months and years.

    Sales and Marketing Director

  • I have utilised the services of David and his team on a number of occasions to recruit professional managers, who can "hit the road running" in a very competitive market place, the whole process from specifying the needs to final interview was driven along by Xclusive. I would not hesitate to use them again if the need arises.

    Managing Director

  • Xclusive down the amount of applications received who you could see were not capable of doing the job. Xclusive allowed me to appoint asap and avoid high advert costs and put the correct person in the job advertised knowing it was not going to be a short term appointment.

    General Manager

  • I would like to take this opportunity to express the complete satisfaction we as a company have with Xclusive. You and your staff are a pleasure to deal with and the quality of the candidates you have supplied have been of the highest standard, and fitted the criteria required perfectly.

    By using Xclusive we have saved valuable management time and money and have been able to interview candidates who we know are the best.

    I will have no hesitation in using you again for all my future requirements. On behalf of my company and myself I thank you.

    Operations Director

  • " I have now worked with the team at Xclusive for over 8 years across a number of sectors. Their professionalism and personal approach, has not been matched by any other agencies that I have dealt with over the same period. They have a couple of important 'USP's' that separate them out as adding more value. The first one being from my experience, is that in a changing world where recruitment, like so many other industries is becoming more ' remote and distant' in how it handles candidates, Xclusive they still value 'face to face' contact with candidates at every stage. The vetting process by meeting with all candidates ensures I have always had a high quality of people to interview. The second 'USP' is how they get to really understand my business needs and the broader markets that I operate in. It's critical for me that they get to know our business and understand the skills that are aligned with our sectors. This ensures we have high levels of retention via Xclusive. Finally the fact that they passionately care about their customers, both candidates and employers makes the difference in working with them as long term strategic partners".

    Sales and Marketing Director - Parcels

  • Xclusive have provided a recruitment service to our business for a period of seven months. Our statistics show that in the last year they have become our most successful agency.

    Their knowledge of the local area and industries similar to our own helps them to understand our business. They have also taken the time to visit us to gain an insight into our culture.

    Day to day contact via our Recruitment Officer is efficient and unobtrusive and they maintain a polite and professional image at all times.

    We look forward to the continual development of our relationship with Xclusive, and have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies.

    Recruitment Manager - Service Sector

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