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  • From the initial contact to securing my new role, Xclusive's professionalism and personal touch set them apart.

    They demonstrated a genuine commitment to finding the near perfect fit for both the candidate and the employer.

    I would absolutely recommend Xclusive Recruitment to anyone looking for a new opportunity.

    Lynne D

  • In my experience Xclusive Recruitment is unique as a recruitment agency.

    Starting with the initial, personable conversation to understand exactly what I am looking for.
    I took confidence from the clear, up to date understanding of recruitment in the Logistics sector today.
    From personal experience I fully recommend Xclusive Recruitment. 

    Finally, there is ongoing communication through the process giving me peace of mind.

    Alastair F

  • Xclusive recruitment are one of the better recruitment agencies I have worked with. David kept me informed every step of the way, appeared to have both parties best interests at heart and was genuinely pleasant to speak to/work with. 

    Phil M

  • Xclusive were a honest and professional agenecy.

    They handled timing when required and kept regular and timely progress on the application.

    Craig M

  • The experience was amazing, Andrew was so professional and supportive.

    Gaenor S

  • It has been an absolute pleasure working with David and Julie from Xclusive Recruitment.

    The effort they applied to find the perfect job for myself was second to none.

    I would recommend Xclusive to anyone seeking a brighter future.

    Jamie P

  • I was introduced to Xclusive after unexpectedly leaving a long-term position.
    David was supportive and provided reassurance and was confident I wouldn’t be out of work for long. He went through my background and career history with me and quickly spoke to relevant senior people in the sector. I was quickly introduced to two major transport companies. One of the discussions led to a prompt offer and I was back in employment in less than one month with salary expectations met.
    The communication throughout was excellent and Xclusive went above and beyond to ensure that I have a role that will provide the right challenge and be the right fit for all parties.

    James H

  • I met Dave after leaving my last role in early January 2022, like anytime you leave employment you need support. He initially did two things for me the first thing he did was spend time getting to know me as a person not just what is on my CV.  This helps him to understand what is important to you in your next role, but also he is just really interested in getting you the right fit. The other thing he did was give me a great piece of advice and that was to take some time for myself to recharge and be clear on what is important to me and my Family. This was worked brilliantly for me and I quickly came to realise that Dave is just a fantastic guy, who puts his clients at the heart of everything he does which helped me secure my new role. I cannot recommend the Xclusive team highly enough,fantastic people

    Lee J

  • The Xclusive team have been excellent throughtout.
    It is not easy to identify the perfect opportunity for a candidate however with their great reputation and contacts they made it happen.
    I will always recommend Xclusive if asked for a recruitment company that will find that job the candidate is looking for.

    Mark T

  • It has been very refreshing to work with  the Xclusive team.

    A CV only tells part of a candidate’s story.

    David is very experienced in the Transport and Logistics sector and spends a lot of time getting to know the candidate to really understand what roles will be the best match for them.

    100% success in my case.

    I would fully recommend engaging with David and Xclusive recruitment whether you are a Candidate or Client.

    Graham H

  • Xclusive made contact via linkedin and did exactly as promised. It was effortless from my part.
    The offer arrived promptly and I now looking forward to starting.
    Great communication as you are dealing direct.

    John G

  • From the initial call I found Xclusive to be very transparent,not pushy and always making sure you fellt comfortable working through the process.
    Very supportive and professional providing good advice.

    Mark H

  • I was contacted by Xclusive regarding two potential logistics job opportunities in the SW of England. What quickly became apparently clear was how well Xclusive know both their customer client and their candidates, in terms of the customer clients’ job needs and culture and the candidates qualities and abilities and what was the best candidate match.

    Interview preparation advice was spot which guided me into securing the role that was the best fit for both customer client and candidate. A very impressive and knowledgeable service provided by Xclusive. I would thoroughly recommend them.

    Gavin H

  • I would happily recommend Xclusive to anyone that is considering a change.
    Their experience in the Tranport sector has been invaluable in the finding the right role for me rather than just another job

    Martin W

  • Working with Xclusive recruitment has been an absolute pleasure, the feedback is very helpful and the care and time taken is above and beyond any experience I have had in the past. David has been such a great source of information and his advice has been spot on and highly appreciated.

    Thank you and the team for all your help


    A K


    Xclusive Recruitment provided me an exceptional service. David and Julie were very Professional with their communication and the development of the relationship between myself and my new employer throughout the recruitment process.  “Top Class Service!!”

    Karl G

  • A thoroughly professional service from Xclusive

    In the world of recruitment and my experience of dealing with quite a few over the last few months Xclusive comes out at the very top.

    A very personable service and recruitment consultants who speak to the candidates personally and stays in contact which is what differentiates Xclusive to other agencies.

    I genuinely believe if it was not for Xclusive I would probably still be looking for a role.

    They are considerate to the candidates and understood their needs which is unusual in the current recruitment world.

    Honesty from the start of the process really stood out for me.

    An agency that actually gets back to candidates.

    Dravish H

  • When Xclusive contacted me following my application they thoroughly looked at my motivations and my suitability for a role they had. All during the process I was kept informed and more importantly was contacted back when they said they would contact me back. In any job search reliability, promises and trust are everything, would happily recommend Xclusive to anyone looking for a new role.

    John F

  • I have been a customer of Xclusive for over 15 years and during that time David and the team have always been great people to work with. So I was sure that now as a candidate that they would be the best recruitment partner for me and I wasn't disappointed. The communication was excellent as was the commitment to me. I felt personally engaged with, during the whole process and not left waiting to hear back. David and the team were supportive from start to finish and to land me such quality interviews in the midst of a global pandemic is testament to the company and its people.


    Darren B

  • Great experience working with David and his team. They took the time to understand my needs and facilitate my unusual circumstances of relocation with the great result of securing me a fantastic opportunity. The team at Xclusive were efficient and timely in their responses and organisation which enabled me to feel confident and comfortable throughout the interview process.

    Alex F

  • “This is the second time in the last 13 years that I have used the services of Xclusive Recruitment and David the MD had me employed within a week. David and his team are excellent, down to earth and will not give you a false promise. Thank you, Team,”


    Jackie M

  • Working with Xclusive has been a pleasure in that they kept me updated from start to finish in the adventure of finding a new job in the current troubled times. I could not have asked for better communication throughout the journey and would recommend them to any person looking for a new journey in their life. 

    Well done Xclusive.

    Bill S

  • It has been a pleasure working with Xclusive over recent and it goes without saying that David's knowledge of the distribution sector is second to none. If anyone is looking for a new role I'd highly recommend that you give them a call. David and the team "tells it as it is" and that's quite a refreshing change to get an honest answer.
    Trust is a difficult thing to earn and Xclusive have earned mine.

    An Industry Top 10 BDM -

  • Having contacted Xclusive for assistance in finding a new position, they acted swiftly and diligently.
    They took the time to understand my requirements and proceeded accordingly leading to three quality interviews.

    David and the Xclusive team know the industry well. Many thanks again


  • A very professional business. David took the time to find out what I was looking for and matched me with the perfect Managing Director role

    Elaine H

  • I have been working with Xclusive Recruitment for the past 10 years and throughout that time they have been both professional and effective. Their knowledge and contacts within the express distribution and logistics sector means they understand the skills and needs of individuals and their businesses partners. I have used Xclusive recruitment to fill senior vacancies and the have connected me to my past and present employer. They provide a personal service and get great results.

    Newly appointed Managing Director

  • Very easy to do business with. 

    Xclusive explained the role exceptionally in detail and matched my skills and requirements  well.

    They found me a great position, they worked quickly and communicated regularly.

    I would recommend them to everyone

    Simon H

  • Xclusive Recruitment did an amazing job in recruiting me into my current role, throughout the whole process they acted with true professionalism and integrity and genuinely had my best interests at heart at all times.

    My consultant was a shining example of how to do things properly and fairly which isn't something that can be said about all other logistics recruitment specialists !

    Working with Xclusive has genuinely been a very pleasurable experience and I would whole heartedly endorse them.

    Steve T

  • My experience of working with David and Xclusive has been extremely positive and rewarding. David knows the industry very well and ensures a pretty much perfect fit.  If it is not right he will be very direct and vice versa, excellent.

    Industry Big Hitter - has requested confidentiality

  • Xclusive were nothing short of professional, honest and had my best interests at the centre of the joint strategy. I am grateful for their discretion and support through the process to ensure the decision being made was right not only right for me or my new employer, but most importantly right for my family as well.

    I would not hesitate recommending and will continue to employ from Xclusive, keep up the good work!

    Senior Sales Leader

  • Integrity and Honesty is what Xclusive are all about.
    They have both quality positions and candidates – you are treated as an individual from day one and they have a total understanding of both candidates and employers needs.
    You get honest feedback and advice, they do not try and push anything on you – they are all about 121 relationships rather than video gimmicks!
    After securing a role I received a congratulations letter and a small gift – what a nice touch.
    Highly recommended.

    Paul S

  • Xclusive care about their candidates and that they are suited to the role. They will never push you towards a role for their own benefit.
    I have used them several times over my 24 years in the sector and have always found them professional and reliable.

    Clare M

  • Very professional and friendly throughout.
    Without doubt the best recruitment company I have dealt with.

    Neil B

  • Xclusive are very good, they have placed me in my last 2 roles, I was in the last one for 7 years.

    They are great at not only matching capabilities but also the personality fit.

    Top 10 Industry BDM

  • Commincation and understanding of needs of the individual candidate are second to none, this combined with a wide range of blue chip industry contacts gives the Xclusive team an edge.
    Each stage of the recruitment process was clearly explained and the personal touch for encouragement and interview tips were highly appreciated. The information flow given by the Xclusive team was timely and accurate.

    Phil J

  • I was lucky enough to get a call from Xclusive who had a role they thought I'd be an ideal fit for. After two interviews I was successful. The Xclusive team helped me prepare for interview questions and reminded me to just be myself. They kept me informed at all times. Excellent service, friendly, bubbly and positive. Thank you Xclusive!

    Leonie P

  • I had a fantastic experience working with Xclusive. Great communication and advice, from making my application to helping me fully prepare for the interview and finally being offered the role. They were extremely professional and I would highly recommend!

    Michele H

  • Xclusive are without a doubt one of the best. My experience with them was professional and productive resulting in me getting the post I wanted.

    Lee H

  • I've worked with Xclusive one way or another for 25 years - they always give their all.  Thoroughly supportive and professional. (Dodgy football team, though!)

    Peter E

  • I have worked with Xclusive on a couple of occasions and they have been instrumental in providing the right opportunities to further my career. The team at Xclusive are totally honest and open in their assessment of the suitability of selected roles, and it was with their knowledge and extended network of the logistics market that I was successful in my last application.

    Greg B

  • As always, working with the Xclusive team has been a pleasure. They are highly professional, competent and, most importantly, confidential.

    I’ve worked with many recruitment agencies in the past, including some of the country’s largest, and none of them can compare.

    Martin R

  • I found Xclusive Recruitment to be professional throughout my dealings with them. They communicated well with me at every stage even if there was no update at that time. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a job to use them.


  • Everything positive.  The Xclusive team were clear in the job description and expectations from the company.  A really positive experience.


  • Brilliant, very friendly, informative, cared and continued to follow-up.  I particularly appreciated the calls prior to interview and afterwards.  Would recommend.

    Steph M

  • Working with Xclusive has been by far the most honest experience in my latest job search. After a few interviews with other agencies where I was asked to put on my analytical or customer service hat for the interviews, I found their approach to be quite refreshing.
    They spent a lot of time on the phone with me to get to know my personality as much as my experience. Xclusive placed me with one employer and sent me to the interview with the recommendation: “Just be yourself.”
    It was the first interview I actually enjoyed and have secured the position which is not only perfect fit for my education and experience, but also my personality.


  • The Xclusive team are fantastic, professional and informed - I would always recommend them.

    Andy B

  • I found Xclusive to be very open and able to convey both the role and the employing company details in an informative way. This made it easy to decide if the role was a good fit for me.
    Their ability to grasp the transferable skills from one industry to another was key in assisting me in securing a new role.
    At all times I found them to be professional and willing to keep me advised of all developments in the process.

    Bryan M

  • Xclusive Recruitment followed a very professional and thoughtful process, with both the employer and the candidate at the forefront from the beginning to the end. There was good communication between all parties involved and a much more personal feeling than other recruiters. I would strongly recommend to employers and candidates.

    Grant M

  • The Xclusive team provided me with support which was second to none.  Honest and impartial feedback was given when discussing the recruitment process that I was involved in.  I had total confidence that David was trying to get the best results for me personally.

    Highly recommended.

    Paul H

  • From first seeing the job advertised and applying for the role I had an excellent experience.

    I received a call within hours of applying through their website.

    Fantastic response and  knowledgeable conversation around the role.

    Brian J

  • "Jackie and the Xclusive team have given my career the right steer by helping me find the role I was looking for in 2014.
    Today, as a hiring manager, they continue to offer me outstanding support in finding the best candidates to suit our team needs and reach our business targets. I am pleased to recommend them as both a candidate and now a client"

    Amanda G

  • I have used Xclusive for both finding staff and also finding a new career,their constant professionalism is more than any other agency I have ever used.
    You find you are presented with a first class candidates when recruiting and also a perfect fit when looking for a new career.

    First class experience.

    Carl E

  • Jackie was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. She ensured I was equipped with all the information I required for the interview

    David W

  • This was my first experience of using Xclusive Recruitment. From my experience, I would recommend Xclusive wholeheartedly. The team is absolutely on top of things throughout all stages of the recruitment process and is able to offer good advice above and beyond what would normally be expected. I am delighted to have successfully secured a role with a global 3PL leader.
    I would happily use Xclusive as my first port of call in future.

    Jason R

  • The Xclusive team handled my application with privacy and professionalism throughout the entire process. 

    The role was completely suitable for my skills.  I received a personal and caring approach, with understanding of my and my prospective employer's expectations for the future.

    Ros T

  • Superb service all round. Kept me updated at all times. Thoroughly professional service.

    Neil H

  • Xclusive Recruitment is by far one of the most professional companies I have dealt with when looking for employment. I was unfortunately made redundant, and needed to find a recruitment company that I felt confident would listen to me as to my past experience, and would then help me find a new role that would not only be tailor made for me, but would also help me advance my career too.

    David has many years of experience in recruitment, knowing personally many of the most Senior Executives within many Industries. With his vast experience, he gains your trust from the moment you first speak to him, and listens intensely to what you are hoping for in your next position. He is straight talking and will advise clearly on how he will work for you to gain future interviews, but will also not make false promises or set up meetings where you would not be suited to the role.

    Looking for a new position can be extremely challenging, and this is why I relied on David helping me find the role I desired. He was by far one of the most professional people I had the pleasure to speak with. He is a good motivator and keeps you focussed on what you need to prepare for an interview, but insists that you remain yourself and not try and "oversell" yourself.

    Once you have attended an interview, he provides accurate feedback and keeps you totally in the loop with the next developments for future meetings.

    Finally, with Xclusive's guidance I have just be offered and have accepted a Senior Position with a company that I dreamed of working for, but feel without Xclusive's guidance I would not have been successful.

    I would be happy to recommend his companies services to anyone who has the desire to achieve their chosen future role.

    Clive W

  • I have worked with Xclusive on several Recruitment Projects and this was the first time I had used them to find a new position.
    Xclusive are extremely professional and dealt with my job search with the right amount of sensitivity, urgency and feedback. They are extremely knowledgeable in the logistics sector and have many high levels of contacts.
    I would have no doubt or hesitation in recommending Xclusive Recruitment with Integrity.

    Peter L

  • My entire experience was fantastic! I received regular communication and ongoing support and advice throughout the process. This was the first time I used an agency and would now recommend Xclusive to all my friends and family. Very impressed with the service.

    Mark W

  • "Working with Xclusive has been an absolute pleasure compared to the machine like approach employed by many larger agencies. They communicate with me the candidate in a professional manner, using the appropriate tool to do so, phone if urgent, email if not so. They kept me informed at each stage of the process and gave me salient advice. If anyone at Xclusive said they were going to do something one can be assured that it would be done and they would always communicate the results in a timely manner. Through Xclusive I have found my ideal job and as a sales manager when/if I need to recruit I will use Xclusive!

    Adrian P

  • Total professionalism from the offset, detail and assurance second to none, with coaching and mentoring throughout the process allowing full confidence going into each stage.

    Any potential areas for improvement?
    If I am to be totally honest, no! Having worked alongside, with and under the guidance of many recruitment specialists, Xclusive is by a country mile the most outstanding performer of them all. In summary an absolute pleasure.

    Danny E

  • Not being a lover of Recruitment Companies in general, I have now found one that has changed my outlook towards them, and will definitely stick with Xclusive Recruitment throughout my working career.
    The entire experience with them has been to a high professional and respective standard throughout with Dave Doolan at the forefront of this business I would recommend any individual to consider their offerings.

    Colin D

  • I personally rate Xclusive Recruitment agency as first class.  Their support , advice and guidance is in a class of its own.  You are interviewed, briefed and matched to opportunities that are realistic and career advancing.  Xclusive has a very high standard at selecting candidates and potential employers know that when the candidates come from Xclusive all the vetting and selecting has already been done for them.  Would always recommend Xclusive first before any other Recruitment company.

    Tim H

  • Having worked with Xclusive on two occasions I have always found them very discreet and professional. Whilst recruiters can be seen as very ruthless they always been honorable, often putting what they think is best for me before what may be best for them and their business. The most recent experience was one that was more sensitive and it was their understanding of my position and my market value, rather than my own lower perceived value, that made me hold out for the right role, for that I am eternally grateful.


  • Xclusive have been outstanding from the initial introduction through to securing my new role.David kept me informed every step of the way & gave me invaluable advice during the interview   process. I have received a truly professional service from David & all of the team and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Xclusive Recruitment to anyone in the future. Once again a big thank you

    Ronnie O

  • It has been a very pleasant experience working with Xclusive. They kept me informed and updated throughout the whole process and were extremely professional and committed.
    I would highly recommend them to other professionals.

    Janet H

  • Working with Xclusive recruitment was a breath of fresh air. Very few agencies insist on meeting a potential candidate prior to being put forward for a position, but this is one of their USP's. I was kept informed at all stages of the process through to its conclusion. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

    David D M

  • I have known David for many years and have found him to be very honest and open with me In relation to my job searches. I have always received timely feedback on applications via phone/post.

    Robert M

  • I found David and the team professional, thoughtful and challenged my thought process in terms of my next role and what is best for me. He is very knowledgeable in the industry and provides great insights into where opportunities may present themselves. Xclusive matches skill & personality up with employer to employee, a talented and professional organization!.

    Dave C

  • Very few agencies follow through with their promise, they promise the earth and fail badly. However, at Xclusive, my experience was very different. The whole process of working with David and his team was worlds apart from all other agencies I've worked with in the past. Honesty, Integrity and strong values make all the difference in any organisation and they are in abundance in Xclusive.

    Martin R

  • The experience has been very positive with clear directions and information plus real help and feedback. In a world where many recruiters do not even respond to the candidate Xclusive is a very positive and helpful experience. The "big boys" could learn a lot from Xclusive.

    Nigel B

  • A very positive experience. The consultant was so enthusiastic about the company he was representing that I knew this was the company that I wanted to work for. It was good to have the personal touch as most agencies now send CV's off on mass, whereas Xclusive got to know me first, therefore providing a better service to both the candidate and their customer.

    Nicola D

  • I have had an excellent experience with Xclusive and working with Jackie. If it wasn't for her full information provided before the interview I don't think it would have been such a success.

    Alan S

  • Excellent experience all round, they were professional and honest. They matched my skills and personality to the company best suited. They called me regularly to keep me updated and I am now waiting to start with a company Xclusive have worked with for years. I would definitely recommend Xclusive and have already forwarded candidate referrals to them.

    Rachel C

  • I would highly recommend Xclusive - they are extremely professional at all times and discreet. Their attention to detail is spot on and their knowledge and experience of the industry is unrivalled but more importantly they took the time to get to know me first, so that the job was not just right for the employer but also the right job for me" "I love my new role and can't thank Xclusive enough"


  • Now that I have started in the role I am able to reflect on the end to end experience. From the initial meeting through to completing my induction, I have not been surprised in any situation. The brief of the role was extremely detailed and the understanding of the company culture was excellent. Both elements provided security when making the decision to join a new business. Overall a great experience.

    Steve B

  • A Excellent company, Jackie was fantastic at keeping me in the loop regarding the job role. She quickly and efficiently got me into a role that was well suited. Thank You !.

    Debbie V

  • Really helpful and supportive company, Jackie and David really know the industry and I really liked their personal touches, they are able to target you at jobs that are suitable for your experience and aspirations.

    I would recommend Xclusive Recruitment to all logistics job seekers.

    Ian L

  • It is rare these days to receive good service, we always expect it and are so often are disappointed, but in this case I can honestly say that Xclusive exceeded all my expectations and have demonstrated they are highly professional. My association with David Doolan Director of Xclusive commenced, when, I received, out of the blue, a phone call from Xclusive, they had matched my CV with a job role for a large training organisation and felt I had the right skills mix to be considered, as it happened I was ready for a move and had circulated my CV to many of the major agencies. I attended an initial selection interview with David and although highly professional, he immediately put me at ease, towards the end of the interview it was almost as if I had known David for years, such was his ability to get the information he needed from me, whilst allowing me to explain points highlight my strengths and explore the job role. I was subsequently invited to a formal interview with his client, which was confirmed in writing by Xclusive and followed up with a personal good luck phone call from David on the morning of the interview. Although initially unsuccessful I had been ear marked for another position by the company, a fact that David relayed to me whilst he gave me valuable feedback from the formal interview. David brokered the terms and conditions of this new job role with his client, keeping me informed at all times, even sending me a letter of congratulations when the job role together with the terms and condition were confirmed. It was the personal touches coupled with very genuine customer care that David and his team demonstrated which made for a smooth transition to a new job for me and my new employer. I can only reiterate David and his team at Xclusive are highly professional and seem dedicated to "raising the bar" by offering such a good service to clients and candidates. Thank you Xclusive.

    Mike S

  • Totally professional, very friendly approach. Interaction between myself and Jackie was excellent. Fully explained her client's needs and desires, matching them to my skills. Pre-interview telephone call boosted confidence and showed they really cared professionally and personally about myself and the client. Excellent post interview conversations, good feedback received, follow ups and all communications excellent. Would recommend to all colleagues without hesitation.

    Martin C

  • After applying on line for a vacancy it was swiftly picked up by Xclusive. On the first contact Xclusive arranged an interview for the vacancy which was successful. I would recommend Xclusive as they do all the work making a career move easy.

    Allan A

  • I can honestly say that dealing with Xclusive was an absolute pleasure. You kept me really well informed and kept the entire process as stress free and professional as possible. I have recommended yourselves to various people already and would never hesitate to in the future. As you can probably tell, from my point of view I can't see how the process could have been dealt with any better. Once again I would like to say thank you for all your help in placing me in my new position.

    D H

  • David and Tina are a pleasure to work with. Unlike other agencies I have used in the past they focus heaviliy on ensuring culture fits between the people involved. They provide an honest assesment for both parties and provide timely feedback throughout the process. I would not hesitate to work with them again

    Matt G

  • Working with the Xclusive team during my search for a new role has been a great experience. Xclusive have offered nothing but great support throughout the whole process and I would have no hesitation recommending them to both candidates and employers. Thank you to the Xclusive team !!

    Sue E

  • I have found Xclusive a breath of fresh air. After looking for a new Role for a number of Months and using many different Agencies, I found Xclusive. They took the time to personally asses my position, realise my needs/goals and advised me on the best way forward. After just 1 month, they found my perfect Role, briefed me completely about the Company and gave recommendations on how to proceed. I'm pleased to say that after 2 Interviews with full support from Xclusive, I landed the Job. One month in and due to the detailed approach Xclusive Recruitment adopt, I've had no surprises and have found the role to be every bit as enjoyable as I was led to believe. Thank you very much to the Xclusive Recruitment Team for everything you have done and for going that extra mile.

    Dave T

  • A truly outstanding experience and one I would recommend to anyone looking for an opportunity to take up.

    Extremely professional, tactful, informative and friendly. Took the time to understand my needs and requirements, and identified several first class positions to fulfill my criteria. Helped me to prepare for the interviews and always kept me informed of feedback and progress.

    Did an outstanding job in negotiating terms as well.

    Thank you very much for all your support and guidance.

    Ken B

  • It was an absolute pleasure, Xclusive were by far the best I have dealt with. Very professional with prompt call backs and always ensured confirmation emails were sent every step of the way.

    A first class service that I will certainly recommend to my friends.

    Rachel H

  • Xclusive Recruitment have worked hard to match the candidates specific skill sets to the company’s role requirements, even looking at areas like cultural fit and style of business.


    Xclusive know their sector very well and what moves in it - often before decisions have been taken. Their ability to access companies throughout the sector at all levels is impressive.

    Jeremy P

  • I have used Xclusive for recruitment of senior management, and found their ability to put forward suitable candidates first class. The time and effort on researching and finding people to fit the job description and the business mentality is first class.


    I have also used Xclusive personally to find employment and again they were very selective in putting me forward for roles that matched my skills, and unlike all other recruitment companies, Xclusive Recruitment was first class in ensuring they communicated with me all along and I would recommend them to anybody


    Thank you for your diligence and hard work on finding a suitable role for me.

    Ray C

  • Thank you for your assistance in securing my new role. Your thorough industry knowledge was invaluable. You were the first company I contacted through recommendation and after working with a number of agencies, assisted me in securing my new role. The support and follow up was first class. Extremely professional, kept me well informed. I would certainly recommend Xclusive to my friends.

    Dave Y

  • An absolute pleasure without doubt the best recruitment consultant I have dealt with. I felt supported every step of the way and I feel I owe a huge part of my success in securing the role I was chasing to Xclusive. A very personal and professional approach. I would recommend you to anybody. A final note on Katie who is a real asset to your business and has been a joy to deal with.

    Philip H

  • Really helpful and supportive company, Jackie and David really know the industry and I really liked their personal touches, they are able to target you at jobs that are suitable for your experience and aspirations.

    I would recommend Xclusive Recruitment to all logistics job seekers.

    Ian L

    • Very professional. 
    • Always prompt in returning calls.
    • Accurately reflects the situation as it stands.
    • Offers excellent advice and coaching if requested or required.

    David J

  • Welcoming, quick and friendly experience, helpful all along the way!


  • I found my experience working with Xclusive in securing my new role was very professional , i was kept in the loop thoughout the whole process and whenever i had any questions they were answered quickly and professionaly. I feet that Xclusive cared that roles that i was put forward for were 100% right for me and will use Xclusive again should Ineed to in the future.

    Simon B

  • Excellent experience from my first face to face meeting with Jackie to the ongoing support in securing the role. Often doing this out of normal working hours.

    Mark S

  • Xclusive were very professional with excellent communication.  They do what they say and were clearly able to match my skills and experience.  The whole process was very quick and efficient and overall I would say they are definitely one of the better agencies.

    Danny M

  • I have had an amazing journey with Xclusive Recruitment who have been professional and friendly throughout the process. They matched my talents and skills perfectly with my new role.

    Gordon S

  • Xclusive were very easy to talk with and put me at ease very quickly

    Gary F

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